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Antandros Ancient City is an important Troas city famous for its archaeological findings such as the Hillside House, Necropolis, City Wall and Roman House. Hillside House, located on a slope overlooking the sea, attracts attention especially with its floor mosaics and frescoes; It fascinates its visitors with the Roman House, which is thought to have been built in almost the same period as the Yamaç House, with its technique, workmanship and archaeological findings.

A total of 412 graves have been identified to date in the Antandros necropolis, which is located approximately 400 meters west of Kaletaşı Hill, where the Antandros settlement is located.

Antandros Ancient City is an ancient settlement located in the northeast of Edremit Bay, in the Çanakkale province of Turkey. Antandros was under the domination of various civilizations such as Lydians, Persians, Macedonians and Romans in ancient times.

Although we do not have exact information about the founding of Antandros, according to ancient sources, it dates back to B.C. It is thought to have been founded in the 6th century. The city developed as an important trade and cultural center, especially during the Hellenistic and Roman periods. B.C. It became an important city during the Roman period in the 2nd century and many buildings were built during this period.

The most important structures of Antandros include theatre, agora, baths, city walls and temples. In particular, the theater is one of the best preserved and largest buildings in the city. These structures show the importance and richness of Antandros in ancient times.

Antandros also has an important place in mythology. According to some ancient sources, the city was founded by Troilos, the son of the Trojan king Priam, during the Trojan War. For this reason, Antandros has played an important role in the research of the Trojan War throughout history.

Today, Antandros Ancient City can be visited through archaeological excavations and restoration works. Visitors can see ancient ruins and structures, and have an experience full of history and culture by tracing the traces of ancient times. Additionally, since Antandros is surrounded by natural beauties, activities such as nature walks and picnics can also be done.

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